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Glenn Stephenson Awarded 6th Dan

Glenn Stephenson Awarded 6th DanPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2011/1/8 2:12    
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Left to Right: Paul Coleman Shihan, Glenn Stephenson Shihan, Keith Hill Shihan.

After another year of hard work Glenn Stephenson Shihan tested in Omagari, Japan for his 6th Dan and was awarded his 6th Dan Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai certificate from his not so old instructor and mentor Keith Hill Shihan at the wollongong Camp November 2010
Coment form Glenn Stephenson Shihan
"It is not many time that you get to pass your mentor in grades, that is what Seiwakai is all about every body put in the effort without ego"

Bernie Haughey and Mario Borg Kumite

Bernie Haughey and Mario Borg KumitePopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2008/7/7 13:13    
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Bernie Haughey Sensei and Mario Borg Sensei demonstraiting Jyu Kumite to students at St Clair dojo July 2008

Bernie Haughey and Glenn Stephenson

Bernie Haughey and Glenn StephensonPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2008/7/7 13:10    
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Glenn Stephenson Shihan setteling Bernie Haughey sensei after his 10 man Kumite at St Cair Dojo Grading July 2008

Photo No. 11-13 (out of 13 photos hit)
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