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Hagan Neumann from Germany Visit Feb 2009 Total:5 (5)
JKF Gojukai Seminar & Grading April 2009 Total:11 (11)
Karate Camp 2005 Total:37 (37)
Karate Camp 2008 Total:8 (8)

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JKF Gojukai Seminar 2005 Australia

JKF Gojukai Seminar 2005 AustraliaPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2005/6/29 5:52    
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Pictured is Sensei Chooi President of JKF Gojukai Australia and Sensei Bill Demertez head of JKF Gojukai South Australia in the Gojukai we are all still eager participants in any seminar

JKF Gojukai Seminar 2017

JKF Gojukai Seminar 2017Popular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2017/4/6 11:54    
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JKF Gojukai Kata Seminar
Friday, 31 March & Saturday 1 April 2016.
JKF Gojukai Coaches
Shigenori Sato, 8th Dan Hanshi (Japan) Tatsuo Takagawa, 7th Dan Kyoshi, (Japan)
Seiichi Fujiwara, 8th Dan Hanshi, (Japan) Masao Tada, 8th Dan Hanshi, (Japan),
Glenn Stephenson, 6th Dan Renshi (Australia), John Hart 5th Dan Renshi (Australia)

Kata Practice Adelaide 2007

Kata Practice Adelaide 2007Popular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2008/1/13 23:16    
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Sensei Chooi Chee Choong participating in the session with others as equils in JKF Gojukai it does not matter about your grade every one trains regardless

Katoomba Seminar 2006

Katoomba Seminar 2006Popular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2008/12/15 5:08    
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Group Picture Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia 2006, Katoomba, NSW.
Front Row: Scott McIntyre, Christine Knight, Marty Bodsworth, Mario Borg, Glenn Stephenson, Michael Patrick, Jim Bishop, Michael Cross, Nicole Chellan and Emma Cummins

Kobudo at Wollongong Camp

Kobudo at Wollongong CampPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2009/11/25 5:21    
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Arthur Moulas Shihan Founder of Matoshi Kobudo in Australia took a two hour session with Bo, Sai Kata with good participation by all

Koby & Glenn At the Airport

Koby & Glenn At the AirportPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2009/11/17 2:35    
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Leo and Tasaki 2004 JKF Gojukai Japan

Leo and Tasaki 2004 JKF Gojukai JapanPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2005/10/26 5:49    
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Pictured is Shihan Leo Lipinski and Hanshi Shuji Tasaki in Japan at JKF Gojukai Championships 2004

Leo Lipinski and Adam Carter Penrith NSW Australia

Leo Lipinski and Adam Carter Penrith NSW AustraliaPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2006/11/22 22:38    
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Shihan Leo Lipinski took time out of his busy schedule to take a class at Penrith PCYC Dojo the kids warmed to his hard approach unfortunately Adam Carter pictured with Shihan could not train as he was freshly out of hospital with his new pacemaker installed

Leo Lipinski Seminar 2005 Prairiwood

Leo Lipinski Seminar 2005 PrairiwoodPopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2006/6/13 4:01    
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Leo Lipinski Shihan taking basic training at Prairwood Dojo Fairfield NSW November 2005

Leo Lipinski Seminar 2007 Adelaide

Leo Lipinski Seminar 2007 AdelaidePopular
SubmitterglennMore Photos from glenn   Last Update2008/1/13 23:21    
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Sensei Roderick Martin 4th Dan (foreground) took some time out of his studies to train with Leo Lipinski Shihan at the Adelaide part of his journey.

Picture by Malwina Martin

Photo No. 31-40 (out of 106 photos hit)
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