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Category: Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai International
VisitOmagari Japan Seiwakai Honbu Popular Last Update: 2005/5/19 3:49
Omagari Japan Seiwakai Honbu
As for parent father empty hand road

Fujiwara saintly one hardness it is soft the meeting headquarters Eight Dan
(Headquarters guidance member and overseas member)
As a guidance member of the foreign country 16 years.
3 - 4 times, the ヨ - focusing on ロッパ America it goes to guidance in year, presently the pupils exceeded 11,000
Even in local Akita prefecture focusing on Omagari city 7 branches it undertakes the guidance of 150 pupils together in prefectural south area.
Genuine harmony meeting Akita entire headquarters Omagari school Akita prefecture Omagari city it is young bamboo town 18 - 5
At the Omagari municipal martial arts mansion Omagari high school karate road club is born, guides to the high school student and increases

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