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Category: Goju Ryu Karate do Seiwakai International
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Our Mission; We hope you will join our mission of building the bridge to alleviate the lines that would otherwise divide school from school and system from system. To maintain and advance our style into this Century through Classical & Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

Goju Ryu Karate Do has thrived in the World and has been a dominant school for most of the century and will continue to produce the best of practitioners in [Goju Ryu] Karate Do. Students and teachers of the system are legendary for their unsurpassed devotion to their style. We should all know our own personal destiny and this is an excellent opportunity to move forward in this direction.

By leveraging the web and building a strong support structure, Gojuryu.com hopes to strengthen relationships in Karate-Do. By sharing a wealth of knowledge, experience, and contacts, GojuRyu.com can bridge the gap between associations, and doing so, not just for one Ryu-Ha, but for every individual and entity interested in the unique opportunities that have been created. If Goju Ryu is to continue in its positive direction, those practicing the Art must open communication between each-other. This site is intended to provide the medium for that forum.

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