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Posted by glenn on 2011/12/31 10:00:00 (6517 reads)

Goju No.87.

by Daisuke Umezaki

Goju No.87.

by Daisuke Umezaki on Tuesday, November 22, 2011 at 6:26am

The general meeting of the director officer in the 2011 fiscal year

The chairman and a chairman of the board of directors remain in office.

Five chairpersons took the place.

The aftereffect of the earthquake invaded also to Gojukai. The tournament of the 37th time planned at the end of July, this year will be stopped. The general meeting of JKF Goju-kai was opened in Kyoto Tower Hotel on May 29. The stop of the tournament determined in the extraordinary meeting of officers on May 3 was announced, and it was recognized unanimously.

At the general meeting, it debated about seven subjects for discussion.

1. About the stop of the tournament which was due to be held in Miyagi.

2. The accounting report in the 2010 fiscal year

3. The report of the 36th tournament (in Takamatsu)

4. About the tournament which is due to be held next year (in Chiba)

5. About an officer's reelection

6. A report of each committee


1.The report of 37th tournament in Miyagi

Seiichi Fujiwara(Tohoku area director-general) and Norio Kozai(Tohoku area deputy director-general) said the language of gratitude. “I received a large amount of donation, assistance, and encouragement from the members of JKF Goju-kai. We appreciate very much. We certainly revive!!” And Toshikatsu Sasaki (the chairman of the Miyagi branch) spoke. “About having received great assistance, we appreciate very much. We tried hard for holding of a tournament. However, the hall was destroyed for the earthquake. Furthermore, the safe building became a shelter. Refugees' feeling was taken into consideration. As a result, the stop of the tournament was determined. However, please give us a chance! Two years or three years after. We certainly revive!!” His remark was greeted with many applause. The tournament this year was stopped. However, "37th" is recorded. And a tournament next year is set to "38th."

2.The accounting report in the 2010 fiscal year

The income-and-outgo report was given by Tomonori Namiki (a secretary‐general) and it was unanimously recognized.

3.The report of the 36th tournament (in Takamatsu)

Katsuhei Nishituji (Shikoku area director-general) reported the tournament held in Takamatsu.

4 The report of the 38th tournament (in Chiba)

Yozo Itou (Kanto area director-general) said, “I would like to hold the splendid tournament that JKF Goju-kai is admired.” And Tatsuo Takegawa (a secretary-general of Kanto area) explained details.

15-16 July, 2012 at Makuhari ivent hall (Makuhari messe)

The seminar for overseas members

13 July, 2012 AM10:00~PM5:00

14 July, 2012 AM10:00~PM0:00

The place of a schedule is “Japan Karate-do Hall” (Nihon Karatedo kaikan) Tatsumi Koutou-ku


Grading test for overseas members (1st-dan to 5th-dan)

14 July, 2012 PM1:00~PM4:00 At “Japan Karate-do Hall”

Grading test for 6th-dan to 8th-dan

14 July, 2012 AM10:00~PM5:00 At “Japan Karate-do Hall”

5. About an officer's reelection

Several headquarters officers took the place. (It omitted.)

The new heads of the committee

Masataka Muramatsu is inaugurated as the chairperson of the instruction committee. Katsunori Tange is inaugurated as the chairperson of the referee committee. Yasuhiro Miyahara is inaugurated as the chairperson of the player strengthening committee. Nobutaka Tsumoto is inaugurated as the chairperson of the grading committee. Mitsuru Shimizu is inaugurated as the chairperson of Public Relations Committee.

6. A report of each committee

Instruction committee (Reported by Kiyohara sensei)

DVD of Gekisai kata was created (Now on sale 3,000yen) The model of Gekisai employed the schoolchild. The model of other kata employed the adult. The persons in charge of video manufacture are Kiyohara sensei (chief), Shiomi sensei, Teruya sensei, Muramatsu sensei, and Sato sensei.

Referee committee (Reported by Tange sensei)

There is no rule change. However, the gesture of the category 2 is correspondingly applied to JKF. And we would like to carry out mandatory retirement to referee of kumite. The person who exceeded 70 years old at the end of March is taken as retirement age. However, the referee of kata does not establish retirement age. (It consented at the general meeting.)

Grading committee

The dan grading test in Japan was held 26 times last year. (The sum total of each branch and each area) The dan grading test overseas was held 6 times last year. 14 titles (Shogo) ware published, Renshi 4, Kyoshi 6, Hanshi 4. And the diploma (menjo) of 474 were published, 1st-dan 251, 2nd-dan 103, 3rd-dan 50, 4th-dan 26, 5th-dan 26, 6th-dan 10, 7th-dan 6, 8th-dan 2.

Player strengthening committee (Reported by Matsuura sensei)

In order to bring up strong players, each committee (Instruction, Referee, and Player strengthening) has cooperated. As a result, nine persons were elected as national team of Japan. Furthermore, it is trying hard in order to strengthen junior players, although there is unbalance in each area.

Dojo steering committee (Reported by Bokuhara sensei)

385 GreenBook (Text of Kata) were sold. Video of kata was requested from each branch. We are creating the Dojo's list in Japan. Please give me a report.

Overseas committee (Reported by Fujiwara sensei)

JKF Goju-kai remitted the money of assistance in the case of the New Zealand earthquake disaster. The letter of thanks and a splendid souvenir were presented to us.

Planning committee (Reported by Nishitsuji sensei)

We would like to examine officer qualification. And we would like to improve JKF Goju-kai to become a still more wonderful organization.

The 37th tournaments stops. However, the seminar of overseas members and grading test are held.

The 37th tournaments scheduled for July 30 and 31, 2011 in Sendai, Miyagi were stopped. However, the seminar and grading test change the hall into Kyoto, and are held. (it ended)

Training camp is held for junior players in Kyushu area.

The junior training camp of the 5th time was held in Kumamoto on February 5 and 6. 89 junior members in the Kyushu area participated. Matsuura sensei and Katou sensei participated from headquarters. By lecturers' eager instruction, players have forgotten cold. Training camp was started by the comment of Kunimune sensei (Kyushu area director-general), "Reply clearly in loud voice", "Hear it seriously", "Treat tools carefully", "Courtesy is very important"

The lecturers of kata were Kiyohara sensei, Teruya sensei, and Sato sensei. The lecturers of kumite were Miyahara sensei, Uchi sensei, Yamamoto sensei, and Mori sensei. Instruction of kata -- "How to stand", "Tsuki”, "Uke", "Keri", and "How to move" -- the foundations of these were taught thoroughly. Furthermore, Gekisai, Saifa, Sepai, Kururunfa... "Shime", "Kime", Exact techniques, glance, etc. were taught in detail.

Instruction of kumite -- "Preliminary motion is lost and it kick", "Alignment is stabilized and it kick", "A partner is made conscious of tsuki and it kick", these were repeated, and were practiced and checked. Furthermore, the technique which performs attack and defense simultaneously was also taught. "Don't flinch", "Have a spirit and coyrage", "Utter loud KIAI", Miyahara sensei emphasized repeatedly.

Kata and kumite were perfomed at the end of training camp. "I was able to do practice more high-level than usually. I would like to utilize the studied contents for games", the participant told.

Kiyohara sensei told, "It will make progress, if the right thing is practiced correctly. Practicing being conscious of having learned has value."

Matsuura sensei told, "It was very high-level practice. This training camp wants to prevail in Japan."

(Reported by Toshimitsu Nakano)

Tasaki sensei passed away...

Vice president of JKF Goju-kai and Chief instructor of Seiwakai, Shuji Tasaki sensei (JKF Goju-kai 9th-dan hanshi) passed away on January 30. He was 78 years old. Instruction committee, Screening committee, Vice chief director, and Vice president, Tasaki sensei successively held important posts. He contributed to development of the organization greatly. Most overseas branches and area which amount 30 nations of JKF Goju-kai were organized by the contribution of Seiwakai. The vigil was held from 18:00 on February 6 in the Kitamura ceremony hall. On the next day, the farewell service was held in the said place at 11:00. A chief mourner is his wife, Michiko Tasaki.

I mourn for Tasaki sensei

On behalf of the headquarters of Gojuryu Karatedo Seiwakai, I say mourning to Shuji Tasaki hanshi 9th-dan. Sensei trained Gojuryu Karatedo for 60 years or more. And Seiwakai which has more than 10,000 pupils all over the world was organized. I think that these distinguished services are what is depended on the technology of his karate, and his wonderful life. His way of life which respected faith is wonderful. I became his student and 40 years have passed. He was my mentor, was a father and was elder brother. He taught unripe me patiently. Tasaki sensei often told me, "Don't tell yourself a lie. Believe your efforts. You understand yourseif and try hard little by little. Don't strain yourself." I thought that I was easy about his words at first. However, I understood that it was very difficult in fact. There is many things to learn from him. I can think that the all are easy. However, in fact, it is difficult. It just seems to be Sanchin of Gojuryu. The instruction received in 40 years until now is inherited in not only me but all the students' body. Respect is expressed to his life which pierced its mind.

By Seiichi Fujiwara (Seiwakai)

Kiyohara sensei and Fujiwara sensei held the seminar in London.

They held the seminar over three days in London in September, 2010. They joined Leo Lipinski sensei, Paul Coleman sensei, Stanko Kumer sensei and more in London. Sanchin, Tensho, Gekisai, and Saifa were taught to 85 participants on the 24th. 130 participants were divided into two groups (BlackBelt and other) and it was taught on the 25th. Dan grading test was held after practice on the 26th. There was participation from 12 nations and the seminar was roaring business.

The seminar of Seiwakai was held in Mexico in November, 2010.

The seminar of Seiwakai was held for three days from November 19, 2010 in Morelia. Tasaki sensei and Fujiwara sensei participated as a lecturer from Japan. And they joined Vassie Naidoo sensei there. Most schedules for three days were spent on practice of kata. However, practice of basic technique was also repeated. 246 persons participated from the United States, Canada, Colombia, Hong Kong, etc. It was very prosperous.

Akira Shiomi sensei, He is the great treasure of JKF Goju-kai.

Shiomi sensei celebrated the 77th birthday on March 25. People around him were planning congratulation. However, he refused congratulation. "Since it is confused in the earthquake, congratulation is not made." Shiomi sensei tried hard very much in order to present the money of assistance to the Tohoku district. He is continuing training of karatedo for 60 years or more. Every day, swinging of the 3kg wooden sword is practiced 1000 times on the balcony of a house. Sanchin and Tensho are repeatedly and practiced. 200 times of sit-ups, A bench press with 80kg barbell, Chishi, Sashi... He is a great teacher!!

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