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Activities : Respect in the Dojo
Posted by glenn on 2009/11/9 23:29:08 (3817 reads)

Respect in the Dojo

This is something that all students are introduced to from the very beginning of their training. Usually on the first lesson, the prospective student is informed of bowing and general etiquette for within the Dojo. Most of what follows is something that should already be known to you, it can also serve as a reference and a standard method of explaining our ceremonies and traditions to new students.

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Activities : Channel the rage: teach boys to fight
Posted by glenn on 2009/11/3 0:30:44 (2869 reads)

This is a great article on why we teach Karate

http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/channel ... 0090421-ady2.html?page=-1

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Activities : Blitz Article Vol 25 No. 5
Posted by glenn on 2008/5/11 2:09:27 (4156 reads)

Goju's Tai Sabaki
By Glenn Stephenson Shihan

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Activities : Goju Ryu Karate do Green Book has arrived in Australia
Posted by glenn on 2006/11/23 0:19:57 (1930 reads)

To all that are interested in developing Gojuryu Karate with bunkai that is done in Japan this book is a must to have you can purchase this book off this web site by using the contact page and instructions will be forwared to you on how payment can be made.

http://www.karateacademy.com.au/conte ... m/photo.php?lid=159&cid=1

Regards Glenn

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