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Activities : Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi and Glenn Stephenson Shihan in Australia and the growth of Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai
Posted by glenn on 2015/5/1 0:52:03 (568 reads)

3 Part series into Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi Chief Instructor and President of Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai and Instructors that Glenn Stephenson has introduced into Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia
2012 Seiwakai Camp: Australia Pt 1 - Hanshi Seiichi Fujiwara https://youtu.be/5FvGd8FqkTw
2012 Seiwakai Camp: Australia (pt 2) - Hanshi Seiichi Fujiwara https://youtu.be/vYtXjYcI9hs
2012 Seiwakai Camp pt 3 Seiichi Fujiwara Hanshi https://youtu.be/c_GVEMOE6EE

By Anthony Ryan

Activities : Basic Gojuryu Karate do Kihon Waza by Glenn Stephenson
Posted by glenn on 2015/5/1 0:47:42 (762 reads)

Gojuryu Karate do beginners Basics
Basic Gojuryu stances https://youtu.be/axamqAROHgE
Gojuryu punching and blocking https://youtu.be/kX0eQzHOV5I
Elbow & Back fist strikes https://youtu.be/OMHu0-Z1xZY
Open handed strikes and block https://youtu.be/z_rRDKDnLKc
Double blocks and strikes https://youtu.be/ul6H8erLKhg

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Seminar : Karate Academy of Japan Gojuryu and Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia Summer Camp 2015
 Posted by glenn on 2015/1/30 0:10:00 (1236 reads)

Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai will hold their annual Camp in Wollongong Friday 20-22 November 2015. We ask all to start booking your accommodation as some missed out last year. There is a variance with Cabins and tent sites so all have a chance to come along. Please down load form book your accommodation and lets have a great time next to the beach.

PRESENTS 2015 Summer CAMP 20-22 November 2015 at Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort Pioneer Rd , Fairy Meadow NSW

Course Accommodation
Book your own accommodation early (by August at latest) to avoid disappointment


Wollongong Surf Leisure Resort, Pioneer Rd, Fairy Meadow. NSW +61 2 4283 6999, www.wslr.com.au

(NOTE: you must pay $100 Deposit to secure Unit)

Beachfront resort. Free facilities include indoor swimming pool, steam room, spa and children's playground. Self contained units ( 4 - 7 people ) Compulsory key deposit of $20 (open check out will be refunded) SUNDAY LATE CHECKOUT COMPULSORY: $50 extra Powered campsites also available .

Units are being held for the course unit before August 2015.
Don't delay in reserving your accommodation as it will be fully booked before the course

** Beach Training / Fun Run *** Kata Training *** Kumite Training ** Weapon Training *** Kids Team Kumite
** Dinner - Pub across the road great affordable meals / children's play area
we ask for full support from our Parents and supporters
OR g.stephenson@karateacademy.com.au
Keep an eye on www.karateacademy.com.au for detailed profiles of course instructors,
as well as updates on course details tournaments and participants
Senior Instructors
Glenn Stephenson 6th Dan Kyoshi Shihan, Michael Patrick 5th Dan Renshi Shihan, Stacey Karetsian 6th Dan Renshi Shihan, Keith Hill 5th Dan Shihan, Iyan Mackenzie 5th Dan Renshi Shihan, James Duggan 5th Dan Renshi Shihan, Rod Martin 5th Dan Renshi Shihan, Doug Silversten 5th Dan Renshi Shihan.

International NEWS : Two Shihan recieve Renshi Status in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai 2015
Posted by glenn on 2015/1/30 0:00:00 (928 reads)

Keith Hill, founder of Karate Academy of Japan Gojuryu Australia and Michael Patrick, Deputy Chief Instructor and Vice President of Karate Academy of Japan applied for their Renshi Licence in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai. This will mean that we have 7 Renshi Shihan in Australia along with Iyan Mackenzie, Jamie Duggan, Roderick Martin, Doug Silversten, Stacey Karetsian. With these additions it will make it an interesting grading panel. Its great to continue improving and with so many in the Shihankai (Master Teachers) Gojuryu Karate do Australia will continue to develop.

Activities : Black Belt Grading 2014
Posted by glenn on 2014/12/1 2:30:00 (571 reads)

Congratulations on all that passed their testing and a Special thanks to examiners (Glenn Stephenson, Keith Hill, Michael Patrick, Jamie Duggan, Kain Johnson) that took the time out of their very hectic scheduling to keep the quality in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia alive and I believe we are heading in the right direction.

# First Name Surname Dojo Instructor Attempt
1 Francis Cozzarin Rosemeadow Fareed Mills 1st Dan
2 Stephen Elkington Glebe Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
3 Shan Re Tan Glebe Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
4 Alan Armitage Croydon Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
5 Adrian Koch Glebe Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
6 Andrew Jeney Ashfield Glenn Stephenson 2nd Dan
7 Adam Francis Elderslie Glenn Stephenson 3rd Dan

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