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Grading : Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai JAPAN Test Results 2012
Posted by glenn on 2012/8/5 9:00:00 (4207 reads)

It was an interesting trip to Japan this year and I thank all that supported me on this trip. I still found it hard to go to Japan and not see Shuji Tasaki Hanshi in Tokyo. Although as promised Lesley and I visited Mrs Tasaki, Shuji Tasaki Hanshi's wife at her flower shop, although this was a tear jerking experience, from all of us I was glad that we did go and see her. Thank you Michael Patrick Shihan, Nikola Vukelic Sensei, Iyan Mackenzie Shihan, Naomi Higgs Sempai for thier support through the entire trip. After this we went back to the station and on to Omagari where my friends from England Joanne and Amanda met us, meeting strait away no time to settle. After all that time to catch up with old friends.

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Seminar : Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia Seminars QLD
Posted by glenn on 2012/5/21 0:52:00 (1128 reads)

Again great attendance to Seminar on Sunday and also Instructors training on Saturday with the tuition from Glenn Stephenson Shihan coming across to all that attended. Seiwakai Australia is a group effort thank you to all dojo Instructors, Iyan Mackenzie Shihan, Jamie Duggan Shihan, Bernie Haughey Sensei, Scott Read Sensei, Chris McKenna Sensei, Kayne Johnson Sensei, John Dalmedo Shihan, Rene Roggeveen Shihan.

Activities : Suggested warm up from Jonathan de Wit of North Sydney Dojo
 Posted by glenn on 2012/5/6 0:16:26 (1611 reads)

Jonathan Sempai, trains every Wednesaday at North Sydney Dojo, located inside Healthwise Gym at Ground Floor, 33 Berry Street. CNR Pacific Hwy.
Your welcome to down load and use in your class.
Good luck
Glenn Stephenson

International NEWS : JKF Gojukai Dan Grade Results Adelaide 2012
Posted by glenn on 2012/4/1 0:10:00 (1710 reads)

A BIG Thank you to all the Japanese and New Zealand Sensei (SHINJI FUSHIMI -8 Dan, HANSHI, Kosai Norio - 7 Dan, KYOSHI, SEIICHI FUJIWARA - 8 Dan, HANSHI, MASAO TADA - 8 Dan, KYOSHI, Tsujimoto Kiyoshi - 6 Dan, KYOSHI, Patrick McGregor - 7 Dan, RENSHI) that gave their time to come to Australia for Seishikan 40 year celebration and JKF Gojukai Australia, support by teaching and grading members in JKF Gojukai here in Australia.

Also,congradulations on All Black Belts that tested this year, again a great showing by Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia, out of the 10 that passed 9 were Seiwakai Members a fantastic result. Special mention to Michael Patrick 5th Dan, Bernie Haughey 4th Dan and Scott Read 3rd Dan.
Regards Glenn Stephenson
President, JKF Gojukai Australia

Results Below

Kiminori Kaigan 1st Dan
Steven Dale 1st Dan
Ian Giurco 1st Dan
Karen Lee 1st Dan
Matt Longmuir 1st Dan
Sam Davis 1st Dan
Alan Wilkes 2nd Dan
Scott Read 3rd Dan
Bernie Haughey 4th Dan
Michael Patrick 5th Dan

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Activities : Relocation of Ashfield Dojo Classes
 Posted by glenn on 2012/1/7 3:20:44 (1245 reads)

Relocation of Ashfield Dojo Classes
ONCE a MONTH on MONDAY Evenings for 2012

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