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Activities : Basic Gojuryu Karate do Kihon Waza by Glenn Stephenson
Posted by glenn on 2015/5/1 0:47:42 (666 reads)

Gojuryu Karate do beginners Basics
Basic Gojuryu stances
Gojuryu punching and blocking
Elbow & Back fist strikes
Open handed strikes and block
Double blocks and strikes

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Activities : Black Belt Grading 2014
Posted by glenn on 2014/12/1 2:30:00 (508 reads)

Congratulations on all that passed their testing and a Special thanks to examiners (Glenn Stephenson, Keith Hill, Michael Patrick, Jamie Duggan, Kain Johnson) that took the time out of their very hectic scheduling to keep the quality in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai Australia alive and I believe we are heading in the right direction.

# First Name Surname Dojo Instructor Attempt
1 Francis Cozzarin Rosemeadow Fareed Mills 1st Dan
2 Stephen Elkington Glebe Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
3 Shan Re Tan Glebe Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
4 Alan Armitage Croydon Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
5 Adrian Koch Glebe Glenn Stephenson 1st Dan
6 Andrew Jeney Ashfield Glenn Stephenson 2nd Dan
7 Adam Francis Elderslie Glenn Stephenson 3rd Dan

Activities : Tagiyoki Jodan Kata by Glenn Stephenson Shihan
Posted by glenn on 2014/8/16 1:26:56 (761 reads)

Activities : Suggested warm up from Jonathan de Wit of North Sydney Dojo
 Posted by glenn on 2012/5/6 0:16:26 (1522 reads)

Jonathan Sempai, trains every Wednesaday at North Sydney Dojo, located inside Healthwise Gym at Ground Floor, 33 Berry Street. CNR Pacific Hwy.
Your welcome to down load and use in your class.
Good luck
Glenn Stephenson

Activities : Relocation of Ashfield Dojo Classes
 Posted by glenn on 2012/1/7 3:20:44 (1166 reads)

Relocation of Ashfield Dojo Classes
ONCE a MONTH on MONDAY Evenings for 2012

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