Passing of a legend Shuji Tasaki Hanshi 9th Dan 20-1-1933 to 30-1-2011

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In May 1989 my cup was empty my Sensei, Keith Hill suggested that I travel to go to Japan and learn of his instructor, Shuji Tasaki. From our first encounter it became lesson in life the first thing he taught me was patience, told me “to stay at my lodgings and he would call me”. Three weeks went passed then a call, Tasaki Shihan was training in the country near Sendai, asked me to travel with him. We got out of the car he gave me his bag and we walked into the dojo. After training there was a line up on who would fold Tasaki Shihan Gi, he said no to all of them and asked me to fold it up, lucky Keith Hill Sensei had showed me how to or it would have been embarrassing to Tasaki Shihan and me. That was the start of my journey in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai. I have tried to travel to Japan each year to see Tasaki Shihan and learn more of the Budo side that is only taught by such a dedicated Master.
You are my Mentor and I hold you with the respect that I give only one other my father, Shihan you have set the bar high for others to follow, it is not only karate you taught me it was a lesson in life. It was so infectious that I wanted as many Australians to meet you so that would understand firsthand how to pass on knowledge without the barrier of language. Thank you for the courage to progress through the grades. I am proud to say that I have trained with you and one of the last to do kumite with you. Your words when I went to punch, you blocked like water then grabbed me with an eagle claw said “Seisun Bunkai BUDO ho ho ho”.
Thank you Shuji Tasaki Shihan for letting me be part of your life you will be missed. I will train harder and keep improving. Forever in my heart. Glenn Stephenson
Born in Tokyo, Hanshi Shuji Tasaki was one of the Head Shihan in the early years of the All Japan Karatedo Goju-Kai Yamaguchi-ha.

1933 - January 20th - Born in Tokyo Japan.
1950 - Begins Karatedo training in High School.
1951 - Joins the Yamaguchi's Asakusa 'All Japan Karatedo Gojukai' Gojuryu Dojo.
1952 - Grades to Shodan in Yamaguchi Gojukai Gojuryu Karatedo.
1954 - Grades to Nidan in Yamaguchi Gojukai Gojuryu Karatedo.
1957 - Grades to Sandan in Yamaguchi Gojukai Gojuryu Karatedo.
1958 - Begins teaching under Gogen Yamaguchi.
1961 - Grades 4th Dan and Jokyo Renshi license issued by Yamaguchi Gojukai.
1964 - Shihan license issued by Yamaguchi Gojukai.
1965 - Grades to 5th Dan in Yamaguchi Gojukai Gojuryu Karatedo.
1966 - Shihan Kyoshi license issued by Yamaguchi Gojukai.
1970 - Grades to 6th Dan JKF Gojukai.
1972 - Founds Seiwakai [JKF Gojukai] Gojuryu Karatedo.
1974 - Continues teaching Gojuryu Karatedo at his Dojo in Oshiage Tokyo, Japan.
1974 - Appointed JKF National Instructor.
1975 - Grades to 7th Dan, JKF Gojukai.
1986 - Acquired the grade JKF Gojukai 8th Dan.
1986 - Acquires the Shihan license of Hanshi.
2009 - Awarded JKF Gojukai 9th Dan
2011- Passed away of illness 30 January 2011

Actively served as Gojukai Deputy Chief of Board of Directors, a Central Examiner and a Manager of Kanto Region. Chief instructor President Goju-Ryu Karate-Do Seiwa-Kai

Yamaguchi sensei was his first and only teacher

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