Queensland August 2013 Grading

Date 2013/8/18 8:50:00 | Topic: Grading

Congratulations to all students in Queensland who tested for their next level and past.
Benjamin Bartholomew 8th Kyu
Hayley Crowe 9th Kyu
Wesley Crowe 9th Kyu
Megan Gall 9th Kyu
Neil Gall 9th Kyu
Jessica Garratt 7th Kyu
Mia Garratt 7th Kyu
Judy Hall 5th Kyu
Kieran Hill 9th Kyu
Jorja Lockwood 9th Kyu
Steven Pettigrew 8th Kyu
Dipankar Simkhada 9th Kyu
Clifford Williams 7th Kyu
Jacob Zunker 7th Kyu

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