Two Shihan recieve Renshi Status in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai 2015

Date 2015/1/30 0:00:00 | Topic: International NEWS

Keith Hill, founder of Karate Academy of Japan Gojuryu Australia and Michael Patrick, Deputy Chief Instructor and Vice President of Karate Academy of Japan applied for their Renshi Licence in Gojuryu Karate do Seiwakai. This will mean that we have 7 Renshi Shihan in Australia along with Iyan Mackenzie, Jamie Duggan, Roderick Martin, Doug Silversten, Stacey Karetsian. With these additions it will make it an interesting grading panel. Its great to continue improving and with so many in the Shihankai (Master Teachers) Gojuryu Karate do Australia will continue to develop.

This article comes from KAJ Goju Ryu Seiwakai Australia

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